Electric Universe theory forums

Electric Universe theory forums

At the moment there are 2 main electric universe theory forums (plasma cosmology forums), although lots of good EU theory sites.


thunderbolts.info (forum) this forum is the original electric universe theory forum and is a very busy EU theory and plasma cosmology forum. Part of the Thunderbolts Project and Thunderbolts.info site

Many members are very knowledgeable about the EU and their own related fields. This site was started by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott.

The site may look daunting at first but the members are very friendly. There are 4 main sections – Electric Universe, Planetary Science, the brilliant TPODs (Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day) and if you want to discuss more exotic topics then there is the New Insights and Mad Ideas board which can be amazing.

Everything Is Electric

everythingselectric.com (forum) is an electric universe theory forum investigating standard, more non standard and fringe EU related topics. Topics discussed have include the electric universe bible study, the Akashic Records, plasma mythology in the electric universe…

The EIE group of sites have a special interest in electric universe geology (gEUlogy forum section) field investigations.

The EIE forum is part of the Everything Is Electric site and gEUlogy site.

The EIE forum is not officially linked to the Thunderbolts Project or website in any way but does have people who are members of both forums.