Electric Universe theory sites

There are 2 main electric universe theory sites with forums and regular news or article updates.

thunderbolts.info (forum) this forum is the original electric universe theory website and forum and is the most popular and busiest EU theory and plasma cosmology forum.

They have a Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day (TPOD) which investigates and reports on many different topics from space, geology to mythology. Thunderbotls was set up and run by the main proponents (leaders) of the electric universe idea including Wallace Thornhil and David Talbott.

Everythings Electric
Everythings Electric blog and forum is an electric universe site mainly investigating the slightly alternative EU ideas including geology, mythology and how life in the electric universe is effected. The web site is now concentrating on its blog rather than the forum.

Below is a list of many of the Electric Universe theory sites and Plasma Cosmology sites. Also included are Mythology and Catastrophe sites, not all are followers of the EU theory or only have a passing interest.

Electric Universe theory sites and forums

The Thunderbolts forum
Everything Is Electric forum
Moving Electric Universe Forward Google Group

The Thunderbolts forum
Moving the Electric Universe Theory Forward Google Group
Thunderbolts youtube channel
Thunderbolts Facebook

Everythings Electric
Everything Is Electric blog
Everything Is Electric forum
gEulogy Electric Universe geology site

Wal Thornhill

Don Scott
Electric Cosmos

Dave Talbott
Kronos Press

Marinus van der Sluijs
Mythopedia Plasma Mythology


Immanuel Velikovsky
The Velikovsky Archive
The Velikovsky Encyclopedia
The Velikovskian Journal

Gary Gilligan
The God King Scenario

Peter Jupp
Ancient Destructions
Ancient Destructions youtube channel
MungoFlix (video streaming website

Alfred de Grazia
The Grazian Archive

Ralph Juergens
Immanual Velikovsky Encyclopedia

Ian Tressman
Plasma Universe
Science Frontiers

Anthony Peratt

László Körtvélyessy
The Electric Universe .info

Ev Cochrane
Maverick Science

Dave Smith
Plasma Resources
Columbia Disaster

Jno Cook
Recovering the Lost World: A Saturnian Cosmology
The Other Group: The Success and Failure of Arguments Countering Alternative Cosmologies

Laird Scranton
Inner Traditions

Donald Patten

John Ackerman
Firmament and Chaos

Troy McLachlan
Saturn Death Cult

Catastrophism sites

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) (main cosmic catastrophes and ancient chronology revision site)

Ted Holden
Catastrophism, Renegade Science

Philip Burns
Catastrophism site

Michael Suede
Cosmology Quest

Philip Burns

Other Catastrophe Discussion Groups
Alt.Catastrophism Google Group
Alt.Mythology Google Group
Alt.History and Ancient Worlds Google Group
Plasma and Planets In Mythology Google Group
The Velikov List Yahoo Group
Catastrophism, Renegade Science
The Velikov List Yahoo Group