The Electric Universe

The Electric Universe is the idea of a universe full of electrically charged plasma, which it is. All the stars including our sun, the infinity of space (the not so vacuum) and about 99.9% of everything in the universe is made of plasma.

So if nearly everything is made of electrically charged plasma then could it be the Electric Universe?

The Electric Universe

Scientists suggested that each body, object and planet in our solar system and the universe was separated and not connected. All the evidence has shown that everything is connected to each other. This makes no sense in a Gravity Universe but in the Electric Universe it not only makes sense, the Electric Universe theory predicted it. Because if you do not have connections and circuits between everything in the universe then you can not have the Electric Universe.

The Electric Universe theory is a simple idea and easy to understand and then implement into everything that you see. Although the universe is wonderfully complex it is not as crazy as mathematical science has us believe.

If gravity is the weakest of all the forces why is it a gravity universe? The electromagnetic force is many times stronger than gravity, so it should be the Electric Universe that we live in.

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  1. The universe is. Its not the chocolate universe or the blueberry universe, its not the scientific universe or the mystical universe in the sense that its one of these but not the other- its quite literary EVERYTHING- even the
    “unknown-unknowns”. I am not a trained scientist but, to my understanding its called a gravitational universe because gravity shapes reality (I also know that gravity is related to the mass of an object and, matter is energy)- 3 inflated physical dimensions, each being perpendicular to another forming geometric space and gravity is the force that attracts from all directions toward the center of objects with mass.
    In Newtonian terms:
    Gravitation is the attraction of two objects with mass. Newton’s law states: The gravitational attraction force between two point masses is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their separation distance.

    You can visualize this in the clasic cube with a “jacks” shaped x,y,z axis set with its intersection at the center of the cube. If the cube is a massive object its gravity attracts other massive objects to its center (its “center of gravity”).
    This models frame is the x,y,z axis, which i think of as a cube in 3-D inversion (not just fliped over but imploded).

    Also, gravity is typically the least of the four known forces but, gravity can become…. condensed til it literally puts a hole in space-time its self and that is rather dramatic proof that gravity has a significant fundamental influence on the universe.

    I for one think gravity is related to electromagnetism in a similar manner that relates the strong & weak nuclear forces but, as I said I am not a trained scientist.

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